Beer Game: Keep the Change

Category: Endurence/Luck/Blotto
Submitted By: Rick Kealey (

Beer Games This is a game to exploit that fact. This game is called "KEEP THE CHANGE". It involves a number of bar drinks and snacks that someone would order, written on separate pieces of paper or stiff card. A person in the circle has the stack of cards and turns one over and places it in the middle of the circle for everyone to see. For example if the card said "2 pints of lager", the dealer says, "THE MINISTER WENT TO THE BAR AND ORDERED 2 PINTS OF LAGER" everyone in the circle says this one after the other but the last person always says, "THE MINISTER WENT TO THE BAR AND ORDERED .......... AND SAID KEEP THE CHANGE". The dealer then turns over another card and places it on top of the first card. The process is repeated and a new card is placed on top of the pile every round. The list of items builds up and only the latest card to be placed on the pile is to be exposed; the previous cards
are not to be seen you must remember them. As soon as a player makes a mistake, he drinks and a new round starts (watch for the last person in the circle forgetting to say "...AND KEEP THE CHANGE"). After the person that made the mistake downs a hefty penalty drink, you play again and the dealership is handed to the next player on the left. Expectedly the person who loses the first round tends to keep losing
frequently as he gets more and more lashed. Remember, make the drinks hard to remember like "6 pints of lager with a dash of lemon" or "2 martinis, shaken not stirred"-- be imaginative! This is a classic English drinking game.

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