Beer Game: Chandeliers

Category: Coin Games

Beer Games The materials required are: cold beer, a # of small glasses equal to the number of players, one larger glass, and a quarter. To start, place the largest glass in the center of the table and everyone else takes their smaller glasses (preferably all the same size) and places them directly in front of them around the larger glass
leaving about an inch between the large glass and their own. This is why the game is called "Chandeliers". Everyone then pours a little beer in their own glass, about an ounce or two. Everyone should have an equal amount of beer in their glass so it helps if you use glasses or clear plastic. Everyone then donates a little of their beer to the center cup. From their everyone takes turns bouncing a quarter, attempting to get it in either an opponent's cup or the center cup. If you make the quarter into an
opponent's cup, he/she must drink the cup and then refill before the next turn. If you make it in your own cup (hopefully by accident) you must drink your own. If it is made in the center cup, everyone hurries to slam their beer. The last person to empty the glass (mostly into their mouth) and put the glass back on the table must drink the middle cup. Some play where everyone must partake in this, some play that the
person who made it in the center can just watch and laugh. You can play with rules after 3 makes as you do in regular quarters. It is suggested that you use the tallest, skinniest glass you have for the center cup in order to make it a challenge.

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