Beer Game: Dimes

Category: Coin Games
Submitted By: Joseph (Scooby) DuBois (

Beer Games Designed at St. Bonaventure University on a sunday afternoon.

Required Materials: Beer, an ash tray, and several dimes (Note: No more than 2 dimes per person).

Objective: To land your dimes on the ashtray. Last person to have their dime land (and stay on) the ashtray has to drink.

Rules: Turn the ashtray upside down. This makes landing the dimes much harder. No person may have more than three dimes in front of him/her at any one time. If anyone notices a player with more than three dimes (either in their hand and/or in front of them) then they can call that person and s/he must drink before they can throw another dime. Throwing a dime is not actually a straight toss, but rather a bounce off the table onto (hopefully!) the ashtray. If it stays, then that player no longer needs to throw another dime, unless their dime gets knocked off, at which time they must again land another dime on the ashtray.

The player that lost the previous round starts the inital throw. Then it is basically a free for all (remember the three dime rule). The game ends when all but one player has a dime on the ashtray, at which time that player loses and must consume a set amount of beverage (BEER!). Then everyone can start the next game when they are ready. It gets a bit confusing when all the dimes get on the ashtray, so if there is any arguing about who's dime is on, both players in argument must drink and start over!

Submitted by: Joseph (Scooby) DuBois (

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