Beer Game: Chade

Category: Coin Games
Submitted By: Michael Glenney (

Beer Games Buzz Factor: Super Wasted
Supplies: Drinkers (6-10 is best), Beer, 2 quarters, 4 glasses

Players stand around a table. Put beer in 2 of the glasses and leave the other 2 empty. Arrange the glasses in the middle of the table as shown below:

X = Glass with beer; O = Empty Glass


Give a quarter each to 2 people who are opposite each other at the table and then say "Begin the chase".
The players begin shooting their quarters at the glasses.
- If a player makes a quarter into an empty glass he/she passes the quarter to the left.
- If a player makes a quarter into a glass with beer in it, he/she must drink the beer, refill it to it's orginal level and then continue shooting.
- (My favorite rule) If a quarter goes off the table and onto the floor, the other players are not allowed to pick it up. The player must around the table and get it himself. This rule is really fun because people will put their foot on the quarter or kick it away so the shooter has problems retrieving it. This activity has been known to cause fights though. You know how drunks are.

When one person has both quarters in their possesion at one time he/she must drink both glasses of beer.

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