Beer Game: Peuchre

Category: Card Games

Beer Games A drinking game adapted to the card game Euchre. If you don't know how to play Euchre, don't ask. It has to be seen to be understood, and not many people get it after that. So, this game is for those who know how to play the game.

If anyone can put the rules of Euchre into a comprehensible format for others to learn here, please submit it in our games form. Thanks!

Lose a point: one drink per point.
Get Euchred : five drinks, plus drinks for points.
Take all during loner: losers drink 10, plus points.
Partner over-trumps when not necessary: partner has two.
Caught Reneging: Kill entire beer.
Victorious: Have a few to celebrate.

Add to and adjust as needed.

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