Beer Game: Pay the toll

Category: Card Games
Submitted By: Brian Wicklund (

Beer Games It's real simple: six cards are spread out on one side of a table. A shot of beer ( I recommend no more than two shot glasses worth-- trust me!) is in the middle, and
six more cards are laid on the other side of the shot. Whoever is brave can go first. Starting on either side, the brave soul flips a card over (you have to stay on
that side, too!). 2-10 cards mean nothing, but a J,Q,K, or A is trouble. A J is 1 card and 1 drink, Q=2 and 2, etc. At no time, however, can there be more than six cards on either side of the shot. For instance, the first card flipped is an Ace. That person takes 4 shots, but only gets one card. The fun gets started when the person
eventually flips the last card over safely on one side. Now he or she is ready to go to the other side, but they must first pay the toll to get across (take the shot). Here is the exciting part: say for instance the first card flipped over is an A, the person takes four drinks, and gets four cards. Since only one card can fit on the current side, the other three cards go to the other side. The flipper has to PAY again to get back to the three on the other side since one side has to be finished before the other can be started on. When the three cards are flipped over safely, the flipper must pay the toll again
to get back to the other cards. The game continues on this way until the flipper gets through all cards, then the next brave person goes.

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