Beer Game: Philly Style

Category: Card Games
Submitted By: Dayna Kirker (

Beer Games You will need people (doesn't matter how many, just more than 1. It's more fun with more than 2 sometimes), a deck of cards, and beer.

Take a deck of cards (keep them face down) and flip over the top card (face up) and set it down on the table or where ever you're playing. Whoever is going first has to guess if the next card to be flipped over will be higher or lower than the card face up. If you say it's lower and it is, than you can keep going. You ARE able to pass to the next player, but only after you have played down 3 cards. If you mess up, you have to start over (playing 3 cards again). Aces are wild-- they can be the highest or lowest. When, or if, you mess up you have to count how many cards are down in the pile and take that many drinks. The only way you can mess up is if you say the next card will be higher, but it ends up being lower (or vice versa). Now if you get the same card, you make another pile. If you mess up in the second pile, you have to drink twice as much and in the third pile (if you get one) than it's tripple the drinks and so on. During this whole game, you never clear the piles because you can play off any pile and the more cards, the more drinks, and the more drunk you become. If you run out of cards, just get another deck or start all over.

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