Beer Game: KOOS

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Beer Games Materials:
--1 clear 12-oz. cup
--1 additional cup for each player (unlimited # of players)
--2 dice
--more BEER
--a sturdy table


This dice game is played in terms of three "tiers".
1) the minimum tier
2) the doubles tier
3) the special tier

The possible rolls, and their appropriate tiers, are:
31-32 --Special tier

5's--windows and snakes
4's--windows --Doubles tier

54,61,62,63,64,65 --minimum tier

51,52--nothing, must bullshit
43--dexterity --miscellaneous column

The game is played with all players sitting in a circle around a table, each with a non-transparent cup. To start the game, each player must do an "entry koos", which means they must drink a full beer. The person who finishes his/her entry koos first then rolls the dice first. The dice are rolled by the person putting them in their cup and turning the cup over on top of the dice (so no one else may see what was rolled). The person then peeks under his/her cup, and tells everyone else what they rolled. After this, the next person goes. (A dice roll is regarded as follows: a roll of
a four on one die, and a six on the other equals a "64". A six and a one=61, etc.) When the next person rolls, he must beat the roll of the first person. If he doesn't, he must lie and call a roll that beats the person before him. Then, the next person goes. For any person's turn, they have the option of bullshitting the person before them. If they do, and they are right, the person who lied must drink 1/3 beer out of the clear glass. If they did NOT lie, the person who BS'd them must drink a third. After someone bullshits someone else, the next turn depends on the result of the call. If the person who BS'd was right, they go. If they were wrong, the next person goes. Regardless, when BS is called, the next person to go is "fresh", meaning that they don't have to beat anything.

There is a strict hierarchy of rules concerning rolls. This is the main structure of the game. The first roll is "fresh", and can be anything (refer to the chart above for this). If the person rolls anything in the "minimum" tier, they must actually call out the number they rolled. Ex. "62". The next person, assuming he believes the first person, must then roll anything above a 62, including anything in the doubles or special column, anything in the misc. column (except 51,52), or any roll in the
minimum column above a 62. However, only in the minimum column does the
person actually call the number they rolled. In the doubles column, they must use the term which applies (ex. 2's="fucked"). In the special column, the person simply says "special". If a person rolls doubles, the next person must roll ANY doubles (1's will still work against 3's or 5's, etc.) or a special. If a person rolls a special, the next person must roll a special. In any case where the person doesn't roll what they have to, they must BS, and risk being called for it! The game sounds very complicated,
but it is really easy and kicks my ass every time.

Additional rules to follow...

KOOS--if a person rolls a 21, or koos, they call "koos", and the stakes for drinking move up to a full cup! A koos also functions as a special, which means that the person who goes next must roll a special or else bullshit. Since the odds are fairly slim that they will roll another special, calling a koos usually dooms the person who goes next! If a person false calls a koos, he must drink a full cup! If a person calls a "koos off a koos", meaning that they call koos right after another person calls it, the stakes move up to two full cups...death follows shortly.

43--Dexterity, the person must take their cup and turn it upside down. They must then balance the dice on the top of the cup, and by using only one hand, throw the dice up in the air, flip the cup right side up, and catch the dice in the cup. If he makes it, everyone else drinks a third. If he misses, he must drink a third. Whether he makes it or not, the next person starts "fresh".

53-Hogshead, the person across from the person who rolls hogshead must drink a third. In the case of an odd # of players, the person must choose the person to drink out of the two across from him.

51,52, the person MUST bullshit.

Beer pouring--no one is permitted to pour their own beer!

Pinky head--on any pour job, if the drinker measures more than a pinky's width of head on his third or koos, the pourer must drink his poor pour!

Time limit--a person has one full round to drink a third, three rounds for a koos. However, game play does not stop. This creates the need for additional clear glasses if play is not to be delayed, unless the people drinking are baddass enough to just chug every time.

Honesty--it is usually good to roll a dexterity, because it isn't that hard to do. However, if anyone gets caught not calling a dexterity, they must drink constantly until the end of the game.

KOOS Etiquette--if you are not going to bullshit the person before you, it is customary not to look at their roll to see if they did lie. Just casually pick up the dice, and don't look at their roll. Simply courtesy.

Sloppy Beer--any beer gets spilled, the person drinks a third. This is especially fun when someone is pouring a koos for someone else. It is a tradition with veteran koosers that a koos be as full as possible, creating a "meniscus" effect on the top of the glass. If any beer spills, the pourer must drink the koos. However, if the meniscus holds, the drinker must not spill a drop or else he must also drink a penalty third in addition to his koos!

Sloppy Dice--this usually happens late in the game, when everyone is tore down. This is when the person rolls, and the dice shoot out from under his/her cup. They must drink a penalty third and roll again.

Sloppy Cup--if a person's cup breaks, they must drink a third.

**Important** Once a game starts, no one may leave the table for any reason except to get more beer. If a person leaves the table to pee, puke, etc., they must drink a penalty third to come back. If they don't want to come back in, they must drink their "exit koos" which is the same as an entry koos. When the game is over, everyone must drink an exit koos.

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