Beer Game: Getting Drunk with Dr.Pepper

Category: Dice Games

Beer Games All you need, is about 1-2 cases of beer, some coke {coca-cola} and amaretto, and the number of dice of however many people are playing the game. You will probably need 3-6 people to have some real fun, because the more people that are drunk the more fun everyone has. First, you will need to know how to make a Dr.Pepper. You fill a mug/glass half full of beer. You then add a very small amount of coke, and on the side a shot of amaretto. All you need to do is drop the shot {glass and all} into the mug/glass and then chug the contents of the mug. The result is a mixture that tastes just like the pop Dr.Pepper.

The way you play, is you all sit around a table, each holding a dice in your hand. Everyone rolls at the same time. Who ever has the smallest number showing on their die, has to drink. So let's say that I have the smallest number, which turns out to be a 2. I must then drink two Dr.Pepper's back to back (if I rolled a three as the smallest number then I'd have to drink three of them, etc.). If two or more people end up with the same smallest number, then those two or more people must roll again. This time, the person with the largest number must drink the # of Dr.Pepper's that they rolled. If people are still tied, they must each simply drink the number of Dr.Pepper's that they were tied with.

And if by some small chance, everyone ends up with the same number on their die, they all must drink the number that they all rolled. So if everyone rolled a 4, then everyone must drink 4 Dr.Pepper's. This game is fun and gives you a chance to get drunk very quickly. Hope you all have lots of fun.

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