Beer Game: SCUMBAG

Category: Dice Games
Submitted By: Chris Rankin (

Beer Games This games works on the principle of throwing two die together and whomever gets the lowest score consumes one glass of beer.

The game is played with at least four people sitting around in a group. The first person rolls both of the die together to get the highest score. If that person fails to get a high score he/she then has the two more chances to get a high score. If he/she decides to go for broke and get a higher score and fails, then only the last roll counts and they must pass the die onto the next person. If a person rolls thirty-two (3-2), this is an instant consume. He/she then has another three turns to roll a high score.

The person who had the last consume then has control of the game. He/she may
get double six off their first go and decide to sit on that. This then means
that everybody sitting around the table has only one go to roll a high score
or mabe they get a high score on their second go meaning everybody has only
two goes.


1.double one: Snake eyes (1-1)
2.double six (6-6)
3.double five (5-5)
4.double four (4-4)
5.double three (3-3)
6.double two (2-2)
7.sixty five (6-5)
8.sixty four (6-4)
9.sixty three (6-3)
10.sixty two (6-2)
11.sixty one (6-1)
12.fifty four (5-4)
13.fifty three (5-3)
14.fifty two (5-2)
15.fifty one (5-1)
16.fourty three (4-3)
17.fourty two (4-2)
19.forty one (4-1)
20.thirty two: scumbag (instant consume whoever rolled) (3-2)
21.twenty one: makes it a double for the lowest scoring person) (2-1)

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