Beer Game: Once around, all f**ked up

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Submitted By: Larry Crecelius (

Beer Games All you need is a deck of cards and a whole lot of beer. 4-6 players is usually best, but more can definitely play-- the more people the less fucked up.

You lay thirteen cards face down on the table, with three in the middle and ten in a circle around those three. Then deal out the rest of the cards.

Play starts with the dealer designating a card as the first card to be turned over. This card will be considered the first card. Whatever the card is tells you how many drinks the ace is worth, and that card is worth one drink. You simply hand out that card or the ace to whomever you want and they have to drink that many drinks. For example, if a ten was turned over, then the ace is worth ten drinks and the ten is worth one drink.

After everyone is done drinking, they keep the cards given to them and the dealer flips over the next card which represents the two. So, if the card is a king then two's are worth thirteen drinks and a king is worth two drinks.

You continue all the way around the circle and then go to the last three in the middle which represent the jack, queen, and king (aces are low).

The best part is when everybody gives all the cards to one person and they have to slam a beer or two. So by the time you finish the game, you could have easily gone through 3 or 4 beers, hence the name you go around once and you are all fucked up!

It's great for the first game of the evening just to get everything started out nicely. I would have to give this a very high buzz factor especially if you play more than one hand.

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