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Six beer anagrams

Real Beer Six-Pack

March 1, 2003

Beer advertising slogans quite often live in our memories long after they are no longer being used by the breweries — and sometimes longer than the breweries themselves. Witness, "Hey Mabel — Black Label." Or remember, "Weekends are for Michelob"? It sent sales soaring.

These phrases are a natural for a little rearranging, perhaps by doodling on a coaster while waiting for a fresh pint to be served.

1. Budweiser: King of Beers
   Kid brews before genius

2. Guinness - It's good for you
   Goodness if it sour young!

3. Stella Artois - Reassuringly Expensive
    Pint o' lager virtually erases sexiness

4. Campaign for Real Ale
   American Lager a flop

5. Fosters - The Amber Nectar
   Beer torments - farts ache

6. Theakston's Old Peculier
   Sip keen, trusted alcohol

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