Category: Coin Games

Beer Games Same set up as Speed Quarters, except play continues. PLAYERS USUALLY 5 OR MORE. TWO GLASSES AND TWO QUARTERS. Play starts with two opposite table persons shooting into glass. When quarter goes in, glass and quarter are passed to the right. When some one gets lapped, the glass and quarter skip the person still shooting and go to his/her right. This created a monkey in the middle situation. The person who got lapped must hoist a beer and consume a sip before he/she can shoot again. If the person to the right of the loser makes the quarter before the loser,
the loser gets trapped in the middle again and the quarter and glass of winner is passed to the left side of the loser. Loser must again consume sip. Loser can only get out of the middle by making quarter before outside person. This then creates another loser (middle person) and the game continues.

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