Beer Game: Lazy Susan (coin game)

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Beer Games Lazy Susan (coin game)
This is a modification to Quarters for serious pros. This game is far superior to the original because it has nudity as well as beer. The intoxication factor is high and so are the stakes.

Required equipment: Lots of cheap beer, one Lazy Susan, one glass, one quarter, and willing participants (preferably of both sexes).

The game is played just like quarters except the glass is placed in the center of a Lazy Susan on the table. Players shoot in turn around the circle as per usual. If someone at the table makes 3 successful shots in a row, the glass is moved to the outside edge of the Lazy Susan. The shooter then spins the Lazy Susan and takes a shot. If he or she misses the spinning glass, the turn is passed to the next player and the game resumes normally without penalty to the shooter. If the shooter makes it, they get to choose a player at the table who will not only drink the glass, but take off their shirt.

At anytime during the game, a player may elect to shoot for a spinning glass even if they have not made three in a row (as long as it is their turn). If the shooter makes it, they get to make somebody drink and take off their shirt. If the shooter misses, he or she must take off their shirt and drink a full beer. If the shooter was already shirtless, they must remove their pants!

Hitting the spinning glass is difficult, but not impossible. Have fun and don't forget to wear underwear. P.S.- If you live in Seattle and use this game at a party, you must invite me.

Modification: The nudity factor may also be added to Super Quarters (or Chandeliers). The last person to set down their glass drinks and takes off their shirt.

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