Beer Game: Psycho

Category: Coin Games
Submitted By: Kevin Teevan (

Beer Games All you need is two big shot glasses, two quarters, two or more people, and lots of beer.

Play begins with the two players who are opposite each other. Both people fill up the shot glasses and shoot at the glass at the same time. If the player does not make the shot, the quarter and glass are passed on the next player in the circle. If one of the players makes the shot, they pass the shot glass they made the shot into to the person who is currently shooting on the other glass.

The other player must drink the beer in the glass, take out the quarter (without eating it, that hurts coming out), and fill up the glass and begin to shoot on the refilled glass. However, while this person is drinking and refilling, the player who initially made the shot is shooting on the other glass. So, if you get a good player, they can keep one person backed up for a long time. The person who gets stuck never can get a chance to catch up since they are always drinking (which is not a bad thing...).

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