Beer Game: Commbination of beer pong and beer bomb

Category: Skill Games
Submitted By: Jonathan Fallin (

Beer Games What you need is beer, two pingpong balls, a table, and 22 cups (the smaller 8 oz cups are best). Divide into two teams of two players each, and stand on opposite ends of the table. Take two chairs and turn them around, placed up against the table. This is the "line" from which each team will take their shot. Each team constructs a triangle of cups similar to a bowling set-up and fills each cup 1/2 with beer. Also, the point of the triangle should be facing the other team. Place the two remaining cups near your end and fill with water. This is to clean off the balls when they fall on the floor and get all dirty. Player 1 from team 1 has one chance to toss their ping pong ball into their opponents cups. A successful shot without touching the table first results in player 1 from team 2 drinking the beer from that cup and removing it from the table. Player 2 from team 1 now tries his shot. A hit results in player 2 from team 2 drinking from the cup and removing it from the table. If the ball misses and goes off the table, place it in the cup of water before the next toss so as not to put shit in the other teams cups of beer. They'll do it for you-- do it for them too. I guess a variation could be to eliminate the water cups, but that's just disgusting. The team who eliminates all ten of their opponents cups first, wins and the other team has to drink all the remaining cups from the winning team. Winning team takes on next challenging team. This game gets very competitive but also more and more difficult as the night progresses.

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