Beer Game: Chandeliers and Team Chandeliers

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Beer Games As many people who can sit at a table may play. Fill one large container half-way with barley soda. Place smaller cups (8 - 10 oz.) around this container for each player involved. Cups are filled to the top with beer. The first person tries to get a quarter into the big cup or an opponent's cup. If he misses, it goes to the next person in the rotation and so on. If he makes it into the big cup in the middle, EVERYONE grabs their cup and chugs all the beer, then puts the empty cup on the table ASAP. Whoever puts their cup down last has to drink the middle cup as well (before everyone's cups are filled again). * If they don't, they have to slam another small cup before the game can continue, or they get kicked out and someone else replaces them. The first player then continues shooting until he misses or gets it into someone elses cup-- that person must drink their cup. Player 1 then continues shooting until he misses into his own cup, at which time he must drink his cup, and the next person in the rotation shoots.

GAME - Team Chandeliers

Same as regular chandellers except:
Split the number of people playing in half, rotating shooting between teams while rotating between teamates on the team.
-Middle cup can be bigger (32 to 64 oz), filled to rim.
-No smaller cups - target the big cup.
-Hit big cup, other team drinks it starting with the person opposite shooter from team that missed, and down the line to the shooter on the team that missed.
* try not to miss-- if you are the last to drink your team mates might make you drink a
belly full.


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