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Beer Games Here are instructions to the best drinking game I've ever played. EVIL KINEVIL (You know, the daredevil guy)
*You need beer, a quarter, one large glass, several small glasses, a long table, an empty 12-pack box, and some extremely ugly sunglasses.
-First fill the large glass, and all of the small glasses with your favorite brew. Then put the large glass at one end of the table, and place the small glasses in a single file line right after the large glass.
-Pick someone to be Evil Kinevil. Before Evil attempts his death-defying stunt, he will need safety equipment. The empty 12-pack will suffice for a helmet, and the sunglasses make great safety goggles.
-Now Evil is ready to roll. He must try to bounce the quarter past all of the small glasses, and make it into the large glass at the other end of the table. He must keep trying until he makes it into a glass.
*If Evil makes it into the large glass, he gets to pass out both the large glass, and all of the small glasses for the "audience" to drink.
*If Evil falls short of the large glass, and makes it into a small one instead, he must drink from that glass down to the first one. (Example: if Evil lands in the 4th cup, he must drink the first 4 small cups.)
-Once Evil has made it into a cup, and either had to drink himself, or make others drink, his reign as daredevil is over. Select a new person to be Evil Kinevil, and let the fun start all over again.

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