Beer Game: Flag Quarters

Category: Coin Games

Beer Games We play a variation of quarters where, after making a set number of shots in a row (3-5), instead of making a rule, you become the "Referee" and are given a flag (a rag with some popcorn in it for weight). As the "ref", you can throw the flag anytime someone violates your rules (i.e., swearing, talking back to or bad about the ref, dropping the quarter, anything the ref deems inappropriate). Whoever is flagged must then drink. The person remains the ref until someone else makes the required number of shots in a row -- then they become ref. This is where payback can be a bitch; now the other person has all the power and can make the last refs life miserable. Even if you are the ref, you still shoot when its your turn. Sometimes we play that the ref can add rules if you hit a required number in a row and are the current ref.

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