Beer Game: Pub Crawl

Category: Endurence/Luck/Blotto

Beer Games The world needs more fun things to do in public, such as this next game. What you will need for supplies are people (in pairs), money, and a list of your favorite bars (within walking distance).

This game, in it's simplest form, is a race. The two people who choose to be partners become a three-legged team by tying one of their legs together. Then, depending on the number of teams, everyone starts at the same bar. The procedure is that each team must consume two beers (one per person). As each team finishes their beers, they quickly head into the next establishment, preferably after paying, still joined at the leg.

The team that finishes their beers first at the last bar, wins. Wins what, I don't know. A good number of bars to play with is about five.

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