Beer Game: Sevens

Category: Endurence/Luck/Blotto
Submitted By: Michael Barnier (

Beer Games Very simple game (so it sounds). Mid-buzz factor. All you need is beer and at least two people (but 4 is optimal). Being half-in-the-can is also a definite bonus to this game.

Players simply, in turn and clockwise, recite numbers in order. But players cannot say anything with a 7 in it or multiples of 7. The player instead of saying the number skips to recite the next number. Once he skips the number, the order turns clockwise. If they do recite a 7 or multiple, they must take a genrous gulp. A player must also drink if he messes up the rotation and speaks out of turn. This game sounds very easy, but as you get more drunk, it gets insanely hard.

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