Beer Game: The Rob Game

Category: Card Games

Beer Games I feel it my duty to alert you to a game which has been omitted from your list. This game was invented in the late 80's by a Penn State student by the name of Rob Davies, hence the name "The Rob Game". It is played using at least one deck of cards. The cards are distributed evenly among all players and at the cue, all players flip the top card in their stack, the lowest card flipped drinks the face value of the card. This game may be played with any number of participants. With larger groups the standard practice is to add a drinker for every fifth person playing; for example, if there are 5 people playing, the lowest 2 cards would drink face value, if there are 10 people playing, it would be the lowest 3 cards. In the event of a tie among the
lowest numbers, drinkers are assigned by card value, not by the number of people assigned to drink. Using more than one deck of cards is highly recommended. There is an advanced version strictly for the more experienced players which uses pinochle decks rather than regular playing cards.

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