Beer Game: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Category: Card Games
Submitted By: David Barron (

Beer Games It is played preferably with more than two players. If more than six, I would suggest combining two decks. This is a combination of games. The first round consists of calling the color of a card, black or red. The dealer goes around to each player, at which point the player calls out whether he/she thinks the card is black or red. If the player guesses right, he/she can make any player drink twice. If wrong, that player drinks twice. This goes aorund to all the players. The second round consists of calling high/low off the first card. Thus, if a player has a king for a first card, he/she would call low. If correct, the player gives out 4 drinks, if not, the player takes 4 drinks. This continues around the circle. The third round consists of calling whether or not you think the next card will be inside or out or your first two cards. Thus, if your first two cards are a king and a two, you would no doubt call inside, b/c your chances are better at getting a card that falls between those two cards rather than outside of it. Give out 6 drinks if correct, take 6 if wrong. This goes around the circle of players.
The fourth round consists of each player calling the suit of his/her next dealt card. If wrong, take 8, if right, give out 8. Now each player has four cards in front of him/her. Take the remaining cards and deal them to play.

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