Beer Game: Acey-Facey

Category: Card Games

Beer Games You're gonna need cards and know-how to play poker for this one. Pass one card face up to each player. If you get a face card you drink once. If you get an ace you drink twice. After each player has 5 cards the lowest poker hand chugs. Simple!

Can't play poker but still wanna get really stupid really fast? Play Killer Kings! Alright. So Shirley is real good looking but won't play poker because of the unfortunate incident at the frat house? Get her to play this game. You'll need cards and a pair of dice. Remove the aces from the deck. Cards count their pip value (4 being 4 etc.) Jack = 11 Queen = 12 King = 13. Deal two cards face up to the first player. This player then bets some number of drinks that he can roll the dice and get a number between the cards. For example: I get dealt a 5 and a Jack. Five is five and Jack is
11. So I might be three drinks that I can roll a 6 - 10 on the two dice. If I roll a 7, I win and give out the three drinks to whomever I want. I could even split them up by giving you two and Shirley one. If I lose, then I drink. Now, you may be thinking, "What the hell is the king for? I can't roll thirteen." If you get a king as one of your face cards, then your screwed. You roll the dice and if the total doesn't match the value of the
other card then you drink that many times! If I get a king and a 10, I roll the dice. If I get a 10, then I'm off easy. If I don't, I drink 10 times. Okay, so now you're thinking, "But what if I get two kings?" It's simple: Drink thirteen times!

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