Beer Game: Aces

Category: Card Games
Submitted By: jason m. juban (

Beer Games Supplies: people, beer, cards with 4,5,6,& 7's removed, and a big cup. Play: first, the big cup is put in the middle of the table or floor, then all the cards are spread around the cup. Someone is chosen to go first and they draw a card from the pile.
---Card Denominations
2-drink two
3-distribute (either pass three drinks to one person, or split them, 2 to one person and 1 to another, or drink all three yourself).
8-rule (make a rule- all drinks are doubled, anyone who says any form of the word drink must drink, any black card drawn, the girls must drink).
9-rhyme (someone says a sentence or word and everyone must rhyme with that word. If someone can't, they drink. If it goes around the circle twice, then the person who started it must drink.)
10-category (someone starts with a general name (cars, tv shows, names for). The person who messes up drinks, and if it goes around twice, the person who started it drinks).
jack-person to the left drinks
queen-person to the right drinks
king- social, everyone drinks, and yells "hey!"
ace-the first three drawn, pour some of their drink, however much
they desire into the big cup in the middle. The person who draws the fourth ace must drink whatever is in the middle cup, and the game ends.

Once the fourth ace is drawn and the person finishes drinking the middle cup, the game is over. The middle cup gets to be very interesting when everyone is using mixed drinks, or a couple of people are drinking liquor while the rest are drinking beer. Here's where the middle cup turns into a nightmare.

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