Beer Game: Voodoo

Category: Coin Games

Beer Games I have a simple beer game using a quarter. First, gather a group of people and sit around a flat table. Next, elect someone to start off. That person then holds the quarter with one finger and hits it with another causing it to spin. The person then slams his/her hand down on the coin covering it. Next, the person chooses another player and asks heads or tails. If the player guesses right the holder of the coin passes it clockwise to the next player. If however the guesser is wrong, he/she must wait for the person spinning the coin to respin it and must chug his/her beer until the quarter stops; if they fail they must do it until they get it right. Once this is completed, the player spinning respins and chooses another player to guess. This goes on until a correct guess or until the spinner gets three people to guess incorrectly, at which time the spinner hands the coin over to the person to his right after making a rule. One reminder: if the player spinning the coin spins the coin off the table, another player must spin the coin and the player who spun the coin off the table must chug beer until the coin stops. This game goes on until all players are unable to continue. A few pointers to winning: get your opponents drunk before you do. This can be accomplished through wise choices in rules, and an extra reminder is, as a coin spins, the person who spun it may continue to tap the coin and force it to spin more.

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