Beer Game: Variation of Speed Quarters

Category: Coin Games
Submitted By: Mike Mattoon

Beer Games Needed: Two (2) 8oz. cups, a punch bowl, (the more people playing, the bigger the container), 2 quarters, ALOT OF BEER! There are just two teams. Each team gets a cup and a quarter. Place the punch bowl in the middle of the table, and fill it with a large amout of beer (again relative to the number of players). The object is to get your team's quarter into it's own cup. Each player gets one shot until everyone has had a chance. The first team to sink wins. The winning team chooses the person on the losing team who will be the anchorman. He/she drinks last. Whatever is left after everyone on the team has drank, the anchorman MUST finish. he smaller the group, the higher the buzz factor. It's a favorite!!!

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