Beer Game: Drink Pong

Category: Board/Commerical
Submitted By: Ray Scott Fietkau (

Beer Games 1) Failed Slam. If a person attempts to SLAM the ball and misses the shot, i.e., ball goes into the net or off the table, said person must drink.

2) Edger. If the ball is served or returned to you and hits the very corner edge of your side of the table and you cannot return it, you must drink.

3) Ace. If you are SERVED the ball and can't even get your paddle to touch it, you must drink.

4) Netter. If the ball touches the net on the way over to your side of the table and you don't return it, you have to drink.

5) 0 point set. If you don't score a single point during a set (5 serves) you must drink.

6) Loser. If you lose the game, you drink.

7) Skunk. If you get skunked (7-0), you take a double-shot.

In case of playing doubles, both partners must each have a drink every time regardless of person's fault.

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