Beer Game: Drinking Jenga

Category: Board/Commerical
Submitted By: Marty Nessman (

Beer Games You simply modify a standard Jenga game by writing various rules on the Jenga pieces with a magic marker. For instance, you might write Drink 1, Drink 2, etc., or Give 1, Give 2, Reverse, Restack. The really good ones are; HELL (the person who draws it has to fill their beer and start drinking, the rest of the crowd starts counting to ten, at 5 the person with HELL takes a break to refill all beers and then start drinking again, until the count of ten. Of course, the person who topples the blocks has to slam their beer and restack), MAKE A RULE (the person pulling this one
makes a rule), SING A SONG, SUMERSAULT. You get the idea.

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