Beer Game: Wiz, Wiz, Boink

Category: Endurence/Luck/Blotto

Beer Games Wiz, Wiz, Boink. Rules: Players sit in a circle with a lot of beer. One person begins by passing an invisible ball with his/her right or left hand to the right or left. To pass to the left, you must use your right hand, and to pass to the right you must use your left hand. When you pass the ball you must say "WIZ". The person sitting next to you, whom you passed to, may then pass it again, using the same hand as the first person did, in the same direction, saying "WIZ", OR the person may bounce it back in the direction it came form, using the opposite hand, and saying "BOINK". You continue going in a circle until someone makes a mistake. Whoever makes the mistake chugs, and then starts it off again. If you have any questions, write back.

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