Beer Game: What the F**K

Category: Endurence/Luck/Blotto

Beer Games The name of this drinking game is, "What the F**k." To begin the game, everyone has to pick a type of f**k. Some examples are: dumbf**k, stupidf**k, slipperyf**k, lazyf**k, b*****k, etc. Everyone sits in a circle and creates a rhythm by slapping their lap, then clap, then snap and then clap again. This is repeated over and over again until everyone gets together on beat then they start the game by chanting, "What's the name of the f**king game? It's called What-the-F**k! Here we go now!" As everyone continues the beat, a leader begins by saying, "I f**k. You f**k. Nothing but a dumbf**k." Dumb f**k responds by saying "Dumbf**k, no f**k, nothing but a lazyf**k." Then Lazyf**k responds, "Lazyf**k, no f**k, nothing but a buttf**k" and so on.

People who get off beat, don't respond quick enough, or just in general "f**k up," have to chug and the game then starts over.

Obviously the less coordinated people have the hardest time playing the game and they also end up drinking the most but "Such is Life."

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