Beer Game: Beer-Root

Category: Skill Games
Submitted By: brian jaspers (

Beer Games This game is huge; it involves a table, the size of a ping pong table, two ping pong balls, beer, and lots of trash talking (warning: people do get violent if trash talking gets to a high level). There are two teams; each team has two people (four people total). Each player has six empty cups (formed in a triangle -three, two, one-form) in front of them, which they pour two full beers evenly between them. Each team begins with one ping pong ball and tries to throw the ball into the persons cup. Once, one team gets down to a total of six cups between them, they have to "rack!" them, by putting them in the form they were in the beginning in the center of the table. Once one team gets three cups, "rack!" them is yelled again and they rack them in the center formed as a triangle. Once one team gets rid of the other team's cups, the losing team gets a "rebuttle," one shot, if they get it in, they get other, and so on until they lose. The next challengers fill up the winner's beers and start from the beginning.

This is a high booting game if played long enough. Lots of rules, but once everything gets rolling, you'll find this the best game ever invented.

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