Beer Game: Blow Pong

Category: Skill Games
Submitted By: Tod M. Briggs (

Beer Games Similar to Beer Pong, when you don't have paddles or net. Instead of using paddles, everyone kneels evenly spaced around a table. You can mark boundaries with tape if necessary. You blow the ball across the table and try to hit someone's glass, or send the ball off the table in someone's Zone. Hitting your own glass is a severe infraction. I don't remember all of the rules, as the game was created out of necessity. But it gets real amusing after everyone gets light headed from blowing (keep a paper bag handy for hyperventilation!).

Questions (Tag category)

First person starts looking at a player and asking a question. The player must then ask another player a question. Continue until someone messes up. The game can be made interesting by asking really crude questions: "Is it true that you swallow?"
Or questions that require a choice answer: "Is yours one or two inches long?" No reversing, and no hands. If you can't look directly at someone, you're most likely done playing!!!

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