Beer Game: Vegie Game

Category: Miscellaneous Mish-Mosh of Icebreakers
Submitted By: Gill Norgate (

Beer Games Everyone sits in a circle (surprise) and chooses a type of vegie or fruit to be. They will be called this name throughout the game. Everyone must know all the names.
Starter starts by tapping two fingers on the table getting a rhythm to which the game goes. Everyone follows. Starter then (with top lip covering top teeth) says their name three times and calls on another player by saying another name once. The player called on then does the same, and calls on another name.
**Keeping top teeth covered with top lip at all times while "chanting"

CONSUME IF: Teeth show (often happens if laughter occurs). Get out of rhythm.
Or, can't remember anyone's vege or fruit name.
** you cant just call on the person who called on you!

For example:
watermelon: watermelon watermelon watermelon, celery
celery: celery celery celery tomato
Tomato: tomato tomato tomato cherry

As everyone gets the hang of things the rhythm should be quickened, laughter occurs and consumption should be rife!

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