Beer Game: Touchy Feely

Category: Miscellaneous Mish-Mosh of Icebreakers
Submitted By: Patrick Q. Ryan (

Beer Games Need people (5-8), beer, aluminum can, and a bic lighter. The object is not to laugh while making a total fool out of one of the other participants. One person holds the can under the table burning a dark, ash-like spot on it. Go around the table touching different parts of other players faces while announcing what part you touched two
times, i.e., "NOSE, NOSE", "EAR, EAR". When the person with the can is about to touch the person next to him, he rubs his fingers on the black substance and touches the persons face in a random spot. Everyone will laugh out loud while the person just touched will question why. Eveyone who laughs must drink twice. The game continues until the person with an entirely black face gets pissed off and quits. Before the game starts, make it clear to everyone that they aren't to laugh or explain what's going on. Make this game count, because you can usually pull it off on the same friends once or twice.

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