Jul 23, 2024

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Irish breweries and beers

To the uninitiated, stout is an intimidating thing. It is black, pitch black, and that is itself enough to scare off timid drinkers. Yet within that fearsome darkness lies also an element of intrigue.

Scullions Cask Ale is judged Supreme Champion of Ireland independents, but Dublin's Porterhouse brewpub shows its skill in the porter and stout categories.

Former Seattle and New York brewer Russell Garet can doubly celebrate St Patrick's this year. Garet is a partner in the Franciscan Well brewpub, in the city of Cork, Ireland, and one his products was chosen as the country's 2001 beer of the year.

Pints of stout

Dublin -- stout in hand -- makes a perfect spot for a romantic weekend. The skill of Irish bar staff, who take a pride in their trade, is one reason why stout tastes so much better in Ireland.

Spend a day in the life of a Guinness draft technician and learn how to pour the perfect pint.

Since Guinness launched its "draught" beer in a can, many others have followed. Michael Jackson compares "draught" Irish stouts from a can and from a tap.

While the Irish on both sides of the border are known for their devotion to stout, they do also occasionally drink ales, though these are of a redder, smoother, sweeter, maltier style than their counterparts in Britain, especially English bitter. Caffrey's is such an Irish ale.

There really is more to beer in Ireland than stout. Here are some interesting, and sometimes surprising, facts.
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