Sep 23, 2018



Beer Game: Chutes And Ladders

Category: Board/Commerical

Beer Games Buzz factor: High
Go out and buy the childrens board game.

Modify the rules as such:

Whenever you go UP a ladder, count the number of squares OVER and UP that you are propelled, and distribute that many drinks among your opponents (eg., 4 over and 3 up---7 drinks: 2 to person A, 3 to B,
2 to C, for ex.).

Whenever you go DOWN a chute, count the number of squares OVER and DOWN that you are propelled, and drink that many YOURSELF. For computer geeks, just tell them to count the Hamming distance.

If, when you spin the 'spinner', and it comes up a tie (i.e., it doesn't land on a number, but the line in between), you must spin again, and take the number of drinks that is shown. Then proceed normally.

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