Beer Game: Matchbox Game

Category: Miscellaneous Mish-Mosh of Icebreakers
Submitted By: Chris Keylock

Beer Games You need : people (4 or 5 works well), beer, matchbox, table.
Alcohol Consumption Rate : Depends on the skill of the group, but medium to high.

Taking it in turns using a designated order, each player places their pint glass a hand's width from the edge of the table and then balances the matchbox on the edge of the table. The aim is to then flick the matchbox over the pint glass. If the box lands on the table then the following rules are observed:
Box lands upright on the very smallest sides - +3 points to the total.
Box lands on the smaller 2 sides - +1 point to the total.
Box lands on the largest sides - player drinks the number of points (1 point equals 1 sip for example) in the current running total of drinks owed.
This total is then set back to zero and the game recommences with the next

Special Rules: You must finish your pint or down the total number of existing points +3 (whichever is the larger) if:
(1) When balancing the matchbox on the table edge it falls to the floor.
(2) The box is flicked so far it falls off the far edge of the table.
(3) The matchbox is flicked into a glass.

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