Beer Game: Sh!t on your neighbor

Category: Miscellaneous Mish-Mosh of Icebreakers
Submitted By: (Sean LeBlanc)

Beer Games It's really simple, but a lot of fun:
1. Everyone names the person to his/her right/left.
2. One cycle is made around the table, where everyone says their name out loud, so
everyone can (try to) remember who is who.
3. The dealer starts to his left/right, dealing one card face up in front of every player.
When any two players have cards that have matching types of cards (not same
suit) then whomever names to OTHER person first between the two players wins
that round. The loser gives the cards currently in front of him, and drinks the same
amount of gulps as cards.
4. The player who has the most cards at the end wins. The losers drink the amount
of cards in front of them.

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