Beer Game: CHEAT

Category: Card Games
Submitted By: James (

Beer Games Cheat is a game played by as many players as there are cards. Deal so there is an even amount of cards to each player. Person left of the dealer places first card/s face down on the table; the player declares what he put down. From here, the player to his/her left places their card/s on table face down and declares if they are one above or one below. At this point, the player could be cheating or telling the truth-- it is up to the other players to decide this. A player could call "cheat" if the player was cheating-- then the caller wins and the cheater has to pick up the pile of cards-- and scull a drink (most important bit). If the player was not cheating, then the caller takes the pile and sculls a drink. The game continues until there's no more piss or everyone's on the floor .

Feel free to make any changes to this game as i just made it up and the protocol maybe hard to follow.

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