Beer Game: You

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Submitted By: Timothy Peterson (

Beer Games Almost exactly like Zoom Schwartz, but with an intellectually challenging difference. "You" works like Zoom, and you can't You a You-er. "Me" goes to the left, and "I" goes to the right. Where you are looking is irrelevant. The trick is that I might pass to someone on my left by saying "Me," but when he or she says "Me" it doesn't come back to me, it goes on to the person on his or her left. It's really easy to forget, especially at a fast pace.

"Who" sends it back to a You-er, but you can't be looking at the You-er when you say "Who." "Who" does not send back a Me or an I, and such use is considered a violation.

When trapped, say "Us." It's a social.

Put two or three card decks in a circle, face down.

Draw in turns.

If person B drawing after you matches your card's number or suit, you drink the number on your card, person B drinks the number on his or her card.

If person C draws next, and matches person B's number or suit, then you, B, and C all drink the number on your own card.

It all chains.

Aces=14, Kings=13, etc.

Twelve sips per twelve ounce bottle.

Example: A starts. A draws a 4 of clubs. B draws a 6 of diamonds. C draws a 10 of diamonds. B drinks 6, C drinks 10. D draws a 10 of spades. B drinks 6, C drinks 10, D drinks 10. The chain continues until broken.

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