Beer Game: Frisbeer

Category: Miscellaneous Mish-Mosh of Icebreakers
Submitted By: Ted Reilly (71102,2432@compuserve)

Beer Games Equipment: a frisbee, at least 4 plastic cups, lots of beer and a hot, sunny day.

Play: Start with 2 people (e.g. A & B) (you could have more). A stands 10'opposite B. Both A & B have two cups. Each pair of cups are placed on the ground in front of the
two players. One of the cups of each pair is empty and is placed upside down. The other is filled with beer and is placed next to the empty cup. The distance between the two cups is slightly greater than the width of the frisbee (so the frisbee could pass between the cups.)

Object: Knock down the opponents empty glass without hitting the full glass.

Rules: If your opponent hits your empty glass you drink once from your full glass. If he hits your full glass, he has to drink his whole full glass. It seems simple, but I guarantee you'll get drunk quick. Accuracy diminishes as the game wears on. You can be super accurate most of the time, but the one time your not could be deadly, especially if your opponent is a terrible shot. That will make sense when you start playing.

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