Beer Game: Desperate to Drink

Category: Dice Games
Submitted By: D.D. Link (

Beer Games You need one die and at least 3 people to play (6 is the optimum). If 6 people are playing, each player chooses one of the numbers on the die (1 through 6). A player then rolls, with the person whose number is rolled taking one drink. (If a "3" is rolled, the person who chose the number "3" drinks). The same player keeps rolling the die until he/she rolls his/her own number. That person then takes a drink and passes the die. When the same player rolls 5 (or other specified number) "good" (haven't rolled their own number) rolls in a row, they can make a rule (no pointing, no names, etc.). The game moves pretty quickly, and alot of beer may be consumed in a short time. When less than 6 people are playing, possibilities include: each player gets 2 numbers (for 3 people playing); one number being defined as "automatically bad roll" (if rolled, player drinks and his turn ends); or one number being "everyone's" while another number is "automatically bad". It all depends on how many players there are and how brave (or desperate) they are. Let me know what you think.

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