Beer Game: 6 Cups

Category: Dice Games
Submitted By: Scott Lewis (

Beer Games To start out you need: at least four players, a die, six cups, mugs, glasses, etc., and lots of beer. The first person rolls the die and has to fill the corresponding cup. For example, player1 rolls a 5, and has to fill cup 5 with beer. Then player2 gets to roll. If he/she rolls a 5, they have to drink cup 5. Otherwise they must fill another cup for whatever they roll on the die. It is now player 3's turn. The game is real simple to learn, if you roll a die and the corresponding cup is empty, then you fill it. If it is full then you drink it. The player must keep rolling until they fill up a cup. For example, cups 2-5 are all full. Player three rolls a 2. Player 3 drinks cup 2. It is still player 3's turn until he rolls a now 1, 2 or 6. This game gets tough on the belly if you are drinking anything but light beer. But it is a blast. HAVE FUN!

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