Beer Game: Caps #1

Category: Skill Games

Beer Games Basic Rules:
The game is played with two teams of two players. Each team has a 32 oz. cup (usually sporting a local convenience store or resturant logo). The teams face each other, sitting on the floor with approximately 14 feet between them. Each teams cup sits on the floor between the two twomates, usually even with the hips (see small diagram). XX - players o - cup

o ------------------------------------14 ft
------------------------------ o

Each team pours a 12 oz. beer in their cup and the match begins.

A cap toss starts the match, the winning team choose to either shoot first, or differ. The players alternate turns tossing caps, i.e. Player1 - Team1, Player1 - Team2, Player2 - Team1, Player2 - Team2. If a player shoots out of turn, his team must drink their beer and refill, no points are scored. If a team X makes a shot, team Y has a chance to 'cancel' the shot, if it is not canceled, team X scores a point and Team Y must drink their beer and refill the cup. Games are played to eight win by two.

If a player interferes with a shot, it is allowable to replay the shot.

Some variation in basic rules.
- A bounced shot counts as either 2 beers or 2 points - drinking team's choice
- If immediately following a cancellation shot, another shot is made, it is worth two points (only one beer), a cancellation shot would still be tried, and if again the point is cancelled and the immediately following shot is made, it would be worth three points, and so on.
- The person who made the last shot gets to chose the music to listen to.

A tournament is a great day of getting drunk (and usually puking). Depending on the size of the field, kegs are usually the most economical source of drinking pleasure, as well as not littering the playing arena with cans, it goes down just that much smoother. A tournament always begins with the playing of the national anthem, because only in America could we do this. Tournament players are dedicated to the
game and usually show their enthusiasm by their attire. In the past teams have played in suit and tie, army fatigues, custom made t-shirts, and even dresses. However you feel comfortable getting drunk.

Tournament rules are the same as above with the following limitations:
- There is no continuation of shots, if a shot is cancelled the next
shot is only worth one point.
- Bounced shots, although amazing to see, are just luck and have no
place in a touranment, therefore, they don't count.
- A player may only get up to use the bathroom, if the opposing team is
drinking at the time.
- A team has a three minute limit to drink once a shot has been scored,
this is a gentlemen's rule - we don't clock people.

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