Beer Game: Shakes the Clown

Category: Movie/T.V. Games

Beer Games This is simply another variation on several T.V./Movie based games; however the movie itself makes it exceptional. The movie is Shakes the Clown starring Bobcat Goldthwait. It follows the trials and tribulations of an alcoholic clown that hates kids. It features such legends as Florence Henderson, as one of Shakes one night stands, Adam Sandler, and Robin Williams. This game will insure intoxication;
breaks are suggested to catch ones breath. You drink by simply responding to vocal cues; visual one's maybe added, but that is the aspiration version. IN simple form the word clown is worth 1 drink, mime is worth 2 drinks, and Rodeo clown is worth 3 drinks when spoken. Using these rules it starts a bit slow but will devestate you quickly, or to quote one of the Rodeo Clowns "careful bink, it's got a mean kick on the back end". Other variables are an additional drink for any of George Carlins seven words. Death is worth 4 drinks. Really bad clown tricks, stilts, balloon animals, juggling, handstands etc.

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