Beer Game: Whiz

Category: Skill Games

Beer Games When you call "whiz", you must use the hand which corresponds with the side from which the previous "whiz" came. For example, if you were the leader, you would take your right hand, say "whiz", and motion to your left. Then the person on your left has control of the game. When you "whiz", you always use the hand closest to the person who just whizzed you, and throw the next "whiz" across your body.

Or, you can "boink" them. When you "boink", you use your far hand (you "boink" a whiz received from the right with your left hand, and vice versa). This returns play back in the other direction.

SUMMARY: "Whiz" with your near hand, continuing the chain of action across your body. "Boink" with your far hand, allowing the play to cross your body before you volley it back.

When somebody uses the wrong hand, or says the wrong thing, they drink.

After this gets too easy, add "sports" (basketball, hockey, baseball):

When you are whizzed, call "jump shot", flick your wrist ala Jordan, and indicate somebody via eye-contact/the motion. They must make a hoop with their arms and say "Kerplunk". They then have control of the game, and may either "whiz" or take their own jumpshot. Either direction is fine.

Or, you can call "slap shot", followed by an arm swing ala Gretzky. The receiver must reach up with either glove hand, say "save!", and use the SAME HAND to whiz across their body.

Or, a "hit" may be called, followed by a bat swing. The receiver reaches up with their glove, calls "Caught!", and naturally transfers the imaginary ball to their other hand, followed by the appropriate whiz (for example, a natural righty would reach up with their left hand to "catch" the "hit", and would use their right hand to whiz to their left.)

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