Beer Game: Tabor Chandeliers

Category: Coin Games
Submitted By: Mike Groetken (

Beer Games This is a different version of chandeliers, also known as team chandeliers, or where I come from, Tabor Chandeliers. It takes 4-12 people, two quarters, lots of beer, a large cup, two soup bowls, and two shot glasses. No, don't get excited, beer goes in the shot glasses. Start with dividing the room into two teams, preferably even, and go from there. Fill the large cup/glass with a full beer, fill each shot glass with beer, and finally put beer in the soupbowl. The amount in the soupbowl varies depending on how messed up you want to get. Give a quarter to the starting member of each team. They shoot at the bowl. If they miss, they take a drink and pass the quarter to the next teammate. If they make it, they drink the beer in the bowl and then pass the quarter to their teammate. Then they shoot for the shotglass, same rules apply. If they miss, they drink and pass the quarter. If they make it, they take the shot (if you REALLY want to, you can put whisky, tequila, vodka, or whatever else in the shot glass, but then the game usually doesn't last very long) and pass the quarter on. Then the next person shoots for the large cup. When he/she makes it in the large cup, the OTHER team must share the large cup. Keep playing until you can't play anymore. High buzz factor and exciting game at a party. Fun to play or watch. Cheating factor is also high so watch out for that. If someone is caught cheating they are ejected and must shotgun or bong a beer. Have Fun!

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