Beer Game: Boxing

Category: Dice Games
Submitted By: Bryon Stumph (

Beer Games Required: one set of dice, four or five people, a stopwatch or regular watch, two shot glasses, as much beer as possible.

How to play: there are only two players, but each player has a trainer (that's where two others come in); a referee, if needed a shot glass; and one die. Each player must start with the same amount of beer (preferably a new, full one). The trainers are in charge of it. They will fill their respective "fighters" shot glass with beer. The referee, if you choose to use one, will start the "fight". The object is for each fighter to roll the highest number possible with their one die. The one with the lower number will have to "shoot" the beer that their trainer poured for them. The trainer then fills it right back up. The whole time, the designated referee will be keeping time on the watch. Each round is 3 minutes long, and the number of rounds varies on the "fighters" choice. The winner is chosen by how many drinks they took. The "fighter" with the lesser number of drinks wins and each "fighter's" trainer will keep track of their drinks.

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