Beer Game: Caddyshack

Category: Movie/T.V. Games

Beer Games 1. Each player is assigned a character's name. Whenever your character's name is spoken in the film, you drink.

2. Whenever the word "Bushwood" is spoken or displayed, everybody drinks (called a "social," and you must yell "Social!")

3. When the gopher is seen, it's also a social.

4. You try to call lines. If you try to say a line in the movie you must:
a. Say it exactly correct. Even the slightest error, and you drink.
b. Say it just before or right as it is said on screen. Too early or too late, and you drink.
c. If you do it right, you get to make someone else drink.

5. When Rodney says, "Let's dance!", it's a social.

6. "Be the ball" is a social.

7. "So I got that going for me, which is nice" is a social.

HINT: The person who is Danny Noonan is going to get messed up, because of
that scene where everyone is going "Noonan! Noonan! Noonan!"

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